Mittwoch, 12. März 2008

I'll see you on the outside

So I did this stupid survey at myspace and when Darrick replied to it, I rememered all these dumb little inside jokes we would allways crank up over.

Here's a couple, please help me out by adding your own in a comment. (BTW, dude: you have to have a gmail-account. It's free, don't worry about it! Go ahead and get one. That way I'll be able to invite you to join this blog as an author and you can then create your own entries. I'll make you an online nerd step by step ... :-)

"Damn dude, we're going to the wooscow!"
(D. Mayes, driving down mainstreet with a beer in one and a cigarette in the other hand.)

"Hey ... must be the moNEY!" (D. Mayes, driving down the fourlane, broke as a motherfucker, waving two bags of Taco Bell stuff around)

"Hey Robby - nice ass!" "I don't even have one, baby!"
(R. Ehlers in reply to someone's comment in class)

"I don't think I need a lyric sheet for this one. If I need a lyric sheet for this one, boy, I might aswell just quit everything!"
(R. Ehlers, just before singing Dennis Leary's "asshole")

"I see your lips moving ... but I can't hear you very well. I've bee physically abused in the ear!"

"Dude, you gotta grab it, shake it, smack it!"

"You did that with your lighter?! DAMN! That shit is tight!"
"Yeah, and have you heard of this awesome invention called eletricity, Dirty?"

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